Check out a hastily-built portfolio for some of my equally hasty graphic design work.


Take a look at the blog of my possibly-to-be-published book on improvised comedy.


I offer a wide variety of design work for digital and print media and audiomanipulation.

Latest News

Blackshaw AwtGF

Snarks and Audiences

Wonderful theatre-makers Blackshaw are working with Iris Theatre on The Hunting of the Snark, and a new run of Audience with a Ghost Finder is coming soon...


Improcrastination - Update

I've not-very-recently updated the blog of my hopefully-to-be-published impro comedy book. New sections include improvising characters and tips on scene-making.

In Cahoots

Impro Cohorts are 'In Cahoots'

SFTH!'s Luke and Paul are going to EdFringe as their awesome sketch comedy duo alter egos, and I'm the publicity guy! Click above to head to In Cahoots' Facebook page, or go to their 'site by...

Royal Holloway: Will I Ever Leave?

Long time no update! Within the last few months, I've landed a job as Digital Media Technician at RHUL's Department of Drama & Theatre, and been accepted on their MA Playwriting course! So, chances are, updates will continue to be as infrequent. But there's some new stuff in the portfolio now, so hey.


Ye Olde Portfolio's Back!

To compliment my new 'site, me old portfolio's similarly been revamped so I'm no longer segregating Flash-less browsers from viewing my uni-years' shoddy "artwork".


Minimalism's Easy

Killed some time recently by making two batches of 'minimalist' (i.e. 'lazy') posters - one of general Nintendo stuff particularly a personal favourite, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Stuck 'em under Art, as it was just a bit of fun, really. Apologies to everyone on that quick Google search whose ideas I stole.